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As one of the pioneer in the industry, Seven Seas Distribution Sdn. Bhd. has the capability to deliver and exceed your expectations for service, quality and long-lasting customer relations. Our ice products are made using the finest quality of filtered water, thus producing clean and most importantly safe ice for human consumption. We constantly monitor the sanitary conditions in our ice manufacturing facility, to ensure the standard of the product is the highest.

We supply:
Tube Ice
Tube Ice is manufactured ice in the form of cylindrical shape with a hole in the center. Tube ice is served with most of the drinks or beverages in cafe, restaurant and hotels, and used in industrial or construction site to maintain the cement temperature.

Tube Ice

Crushed Ice
Crushed Ice is made from tube ice using ice crushing machinery. It gives off instant cooling effect to drinks or beverages and is also generally used to chill fish and other food products, keeping them cool and fresh.

Crushed Ice

Block Ice
Block Ice is a big block of ice that comes in one standard size. It is usually used by the food industry to make Malaysian favourite ice desserts like Ice Kacang and ABC.

Block Ice

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